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Fright Night Halloween Ghost Tours in Plymouth

Fright Night Halloween Ghost Tours in Plymouth

Fright Night Halloween Ghost Tours in Plymouth

Let's celebrate the Halloween season every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the month of October at 9:00 p.m. This tour will incorporate everything on our traditional Twilight Lantern Ghost Tour with a few added effects and elements. Also come dressed in your scariest attire to add to the ambiance!

Special Schedule Notes

  • The tour will be 2 hours long on October 31st.

Come, push aside the cobwebs and join us on a truly spine chilling, unforgetable evening of ghosts, mystery and the macabre. Join us as we walk the dark paths of Burial Hill, Plymouth's oldest cemetery, by the light of our lanterns. Learn how to photograph ghosts and how you too could be a real ghost hunter.

All are 90 minutes long and are walking tours. You will have to climb stairs so be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

What are ghosts?

Ghosts are the surviving emotional memories of people who have not been able to make the transition from their physical state that they were to the spiritual state. Their state is of emotional shock caused by a great, sudden, traumatic, unexpected death, or emotional ties of unfinished business. They do not understand what has happened to them. They cannot see beyond their own problem or enviroment and are forced to re-live those final moments over and over. They are no longer in a physical state nor spiritual state and are caught in a limbo, unaware of their own passing. The majority of ghostly manifestations draw upon energy from the living.

The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. If this is true, when the living die, its energy should still be present and active. Those who die a normal death don't go through the agony and are able to readily pass onto the next state of conciousness or spirit world.

Photographing Ghosts

The most handy and best way to document ghost activity is through the use of a digital or film camera. Even though most of the time ghosts cannot be seen with the naked eye, cameras allow us to see into the infrared world in which they reside. When photographing ghosts, most commonly what will appear are various sized circles of light, usually found to have a nucleus, that appear on film or screen with no source or cause. These circles are called orbs. Ectoplasm, a white or colored mist, vortices of light, and sometimes even full figures can also be captured with the use of a camera.

Types of Ghosts

The word poltergeist comes from the German words meaning "noisy ghost" which is exactly what they are. This category of ghosts likes to pull pranks both playful and violent. They are often mischievous and enjoy frightening people. Most of the time poltergeists will not manifest but make noises, move and break furniture, tie curtains in knots, and sometimes even start fires and floods. When a poltergeist inhabits a house they will usually start out being timid and then slowly resort to a more aggressive and violent behavior. One of the most well known cases of poltergeist activity is know as "Amityville Horror".

The last type of ghost is an imprint which is one that does the exact same thing in the same place at the same time consistently. They also seem to be totally oblivious to observers. These types of ghosts do things so consistent that they leave an imprint on the environment.

Children And Ghosts

When a child is born, it is a time when they are still somewhat attached to the afterlife and often times ghosts visit them, which is why you sometimes see babies staring in a certain place for a long time. When a child is born they have a "sixth sense" and can see and communicate with spirits. Sometimes when ghosts are present some people can see them whereas others see absolutely nothing. Some children have imaginary friends and it is not that they pretend to have fun with something that they cannot see, it is actually that they befriend a spirit. It is when parents and adults say to children that they are too old for imaginary friends or that there's no such thing that children sort of block out and lose their "sixth sense".

Tour does not include hotel pick ups. Child age is 12 and under. Children under 3 are free. Please order online or call to order or for more information.


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